Named a semi-finalist for the 2019   Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenwriting Competition - Comedy Genre!

I'm honored for having my play, 'Strange Bedfellows', selected by
Ken Davenport for THE BROADWAY BLACK LIST as one of the top 10 unproduced plays of 2016!
The List is a wonderful networking concept that, hopefully will help provide my play and the other nine an avenue toward
production in the near future!
Many thanks to Ken, Eric and the staff for putting this together!
           Jason has been writing for the stage and screen for over 20 years. He was the founder and artistic director of The Royal Nonesuch Theatre Company, a traveling troupe based in New York City that performed all original works of literary, historical and artistic significance, both humorous and dramatic, for cultural centers throughout the tri-state area.
A graduate of Muhlenberg College, Jason also studied writing at NYU. He was a guest judge at the 25th Anniversary Student Academy Awards sponsored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Art & Sciences.
He has had a number of scripts published, has been recognized in a dozen international writing competitions and he has had a number of screenplays optioned.

Jason Boies' STRANGE BEDFELLOWS offers the wit of HAMILTON, infusing history with comedic precision.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival


It is an expert piece of writing. The theme and structure are strong and the action builds beautifully. The story is gripping. I read it without wanting to put it down.

Ben Tarver  - author of Man With a Load of Mischief on UNDER the COLD EYES of HEAVEN

I thoroughly enjoyed your play. The material is engaging. And while it is historical, it feels very current and full of political and social value. 

Miles Lott ~ Lark Literary Wing on STRANGE BEDFELLOWS


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