Under the cold eyes of heaven

A former Hollywood legend revives her sagging career with a turn on the Broadway stage. Dedication to her craft and the character results  in more than she or anyone around her bargained for.


The line between reality and theatricality disappears as she begins to play out the famous tragedy in her real life.


 the                 IMPALER

DRACULA! The very name evokes images of capes, bats and fangs. But the inspiration for Bram Stoker was a very real historical Prince, whose reign was far more terrifying and bloody than the folklore vampire legend.

Aces & Eights

He was a legend in his own time. He became the most talked about, written about, beloved and feared man of the American frontier. His name was Wild Bill Hickok.


Two naive young actors make the move to Hollywood loaded with dreams, aspirations and not much more.

The city chews them up and spits them out!

40 Sucks!

Enough said.